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Netflix AustraliaThe Key to the Best Netflix Experience Is a VPN

First of all, now Netflix is available in Australia you are able to sign up for a Netflix account, but to have a better streaming experience you will need to use a VPN service which will change your IP address. The VPN service will give you an option to connect to your fastest server closest to you, so when you visit the Netflix site, your internet service provider will not be able to slow down your internet connection as your IP address is not the one they are looking for. Then voila your streaming and internet connection speed remains as it should. Once you are signed up with a VPN service and running on a new IP address you will then be able to reap the benefits of your full internet speed and continue to enjoy your Netflix experience as you should. Go to the 'Get Set Up'
page to find out where to get your VPN account.

Now You Know How It Works - Get Set Up

    What You Can Watch


    Watch great movies such as Bright, 1922, John Wick, The Revenant and classics like Body of Lies

    TV Shows

    Watch Netflix Original shows such as 'Mindhunter', Stranger Things, Suits, the hit series 'Flaked' and new title Alias Grace.


    Netflix has Documentaries for all walks of life. Watch 'Voyeur', Extremis and hits such as 'The Confession Tapes'.

    Reality TV

    Whether it's Cheapest Weddings, West Coast Customs or Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City, Netflix has it all.