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Whether you are looking for a vpn to improve your streaming speed and defeat throttling (slowing down) of your internet
connection whilst watching Netflix or you fancy taking a trip to a different Netflix region, we have a vpn for you.
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    Vpn with Netflix Uses

    Defeat Throttling - Speed Up Netflix

    Stop your ISP from slowing down your internet connection whilst watching streaming services such as Netflix. With the Vpn switched onto the closet server to you, you can regain your full internet speed and stop buffering issues whilst watching Netflix. 

    Watch titles from the US Netflix

    The US Netflix has thousands of more titles. By switching on the Vpn to a US city, you will have access to the thousands of US Netflix titles and can watch all the tv shows and movies you are missing. 

    Access other Netflix Regions

    It's not just the US Netflix that has different titles. Canada, UK and other Netflix country regions have some titles that are only available to that region. Try a different VPN country and see what other titles are available to watch. 

    Protect Your Privacy

    With the Data Retention Law here in Australia, your internet service provider will now store all your meta data from telephone, messaging and email. By using a Vpn you are masking your IP address and maintaining your privacy as it should be.