New on Netflix in October: New Netflix Releases

New on Netflix Australia in October

New Netflix Releases in October

New on Netflix Australia in October

Find out what Netflix Australia spooky TV Shows and Movies became available in October. Watch the video above to find out the Netflix TV shows, Movies and Documentaries that are available in October. Check out our handy list too. Top pick for this month is the highly anticipated Stranger Things Season 2, available now!

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    New titles in October


    6th October     The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnson
    8th October      Body of Lies
    13th October    The Babysitter
                              The Meyerowitz Stories (New & Selected)
                              San Andreas
                              Dear John
    15th October    Police Academy
    20th October    Wheelman
                              Friday 13th
                              Paranormal Activity 4
                              Dawn of the Dead
                              Land of the Dead
    27th October    Basketball
    29th October    Full Metal Jacket

    TV Shows

    1st October     Equestria Girls: Tales Canterlot High: Season 1
                             Chelsea: Season 2 (Weekly)
    5th October     The Story of Diana: Season 1
    6th October     Skylanders Academy: Season 2
                             Suburra: Season 1
    7th October     Rick & Morty: Season 3 Finale
                             Arrow: Season 5
    12th October   Riverdale: Season 2 (Weekly)
                             Dynasty: Season 1 (Weekly)
    13th October   Mindhunter: Season 1
                              Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 4
    16th October    Victoria: Season 1
    20th October    Hackers Back Off: Season 2
    27th October    Stranger Things: Season 2


    20th October   One of Us

    Stand Up

    16th October    Patton Oswalt: Annihilation